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porte renaud - sculptures - catalogue for solo show 2015

In the pipeline

The young french sculptor porte renaud will present his solo show end of april 2015 after a residency of two month at Centre d'art de l'île MoulinSart, North of France.

For this special show a catalogue in french, german and english will be published.

texts by Katia Hermann (french and german translation)

Juin 2012
(première interprétation en Janvier 2011)
Terre crue, matériaux site specific
Intervention à dimensions variables, Mulhouse, France
Note à l’attention d’un éventuel interprète :
Obtenir un moule contenant l’empreinte de votre visage, modeler les morceaux de terre à partir de celui-ci.
Ne pas cuire.
Récupérer dans l’espace environnant deux objets qui ont l’habitude de fonctionner ensemble.
L’un des deux contiendra les empreintes faites en terre, elles seront rangées avec méticulosité.
Conserver l’esprit de la pièce.
Mentionner le compositeur comme suit:
porte renaud



a multimedia installation by George Peck
1.10. - 24.10. 2013
Juristische Fakultät der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

We are pleased to invite you to the opening of DREAMSTATE 30.09.2013 from 7.30 pm to 10 pm
Panel discussion from 6 - 7.30 pm

Video documentation of the 30.09.2013:

George Pecks multimedia installation DREAMSTATE is inspired by the judicious and peaceful transition from an authoritarian political system to a democratic one that began in Hungary after 1989, a pivotal year internationally. Peck’s message in this work is extraordinarily timely as beleaguered countries such as Egypt and Syria struggle to make similar profound but difficult transitions. Despite current reversals in hijacked democratic states by newly risen autocrats in countries such as Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey and Russia, there is the belief that this process which occurred after 1989 in Hungary will not disappear from earth, that such transitions will not become dreams, but realities. 

The panel discussion will address the process of democratization in Hungary and the following questions concerning the historical events of 1989-90: How did this peaceful transition fulfil the hopes and aspirations of the Hungarian people, and where does Hungary stand more than twenty years later? What does democratization mean, not only politically but intellectually, psychologically, culturally, and economically? How does this bloodless revolution stand as precedence for other countries in reformation? In conclusion, and making a link to the exhibition: At times when radical change is taking place, what is the artist’s role in short-term politics?

The participants are: Prof. Lutz Götze (member of the PEN-Zentrum Germany), Sergey Lagodinsky (Head of EU/ North America Department, Heinrich Böll Stiftung), Attila Mong (journalist), Clemens Schöll (Director of the exchange program for journalists in Central and Eastern Europe „Medien – Mittler zwischen den Völkern“), Ágnes Szabó (independent journalist), Adele Eisenstein (independent curator) and the artist George Peck. Moderated by Dr. Susanne Stemmler (visiting professor at the UdK, Berlin).

Curated by Katia Hermann

mo-fr   9 am to 9 pm
sat       9 am to 5 pm
Sundays & Holidays closed
admission free

Juristische Fakultät der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Bebelplatz 2 
10117 Berlin

More informations:
In collaboration with the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlinciné+, Zitty Berlin,  and Berlin Collective.

© Roman Heller
© Roman Heller
© Roman Heller
© Roman Heller

© Roman Heller

© Roman Heller

© Roman Heller

© Roman Heller

At opening, from left to right: George Peck, friend Richard, Katia Hermann, Susanne Stemmler
photography by Olad Aden


Arabellion - Journalismus als Aktivismus" aka Reporting...a revolution (continued)

"Arabellion - Journalismus als Aktivismus" aka Reporting...a revolution (continued) 
traveled to antique & art fair near Stuttgart as a special show, 11.01-13.01.2013

The 74 photographs by 28 young Egyptian photographers of the independent newspaper Al Masry Al Youm in Cairo are telling the story of the 25th january revolution in Egypt, from january 25th 2011 until the last events of december 2012.

The visitors of the fair were interested and sensitive to this photo exhibition, shown first in 2012 in Berlin, then in Copenhagen and now two years after the revolution near Stuttgart.
Special thanks to Syrlin Kunstverein who invited the show and made this possible and special thanks to artist Stefan Noss who helped me big time.

"Liberation", black&white photography by Ahmed Hayman

artists Stefan Noss & Oliver Sich, exhibitors and my helpers




beats & art (DJ CHANDRA & GUEST)

- sculptures by Willi Tomes, Neon
- videos by Berit Zemke, Clemens Behr, Estelle Beauvais, Zabo Chabiland, Ira Schneider, Bakalao & Machine Molle and Ann Oren, David Matorin from the Berlin Collective (artists) (sponsor) (sponsor)

Berlin Marriott Hotel / Potsdamer Platz

video Gestures I-III by Berit Zemke

video Gestures I-III by Berit Zemke

The Cube by Neon
Video "Heimat, car j´ai un amour" by Estelle Beauvais

sculpture Paff by Willi Tomes behind the DJ
Patricia, Pascal and I ; video "Audition" by Ann Oren
short film "La rayure" by Machine Mole
video "U1-Objekt" de Clemens Behr

video "Black Mercury" by David Matorin 
video "Walk on the water" by Zabo Chabiland
video "Hiddensee" by Ira Schneider

Paff by Willi Tomes

Der missing link by Willi Tomes

Weltbürger by Willi Tomes


Reporting...a revolution (continued) at Copenhagen Photo Festival

Reporting...a revolution (continued) at Copenhagen Photo Festival 2012

7.06.2012 to 17.06.2012, ancient brewery of Carlsberg, Copenhagen

Opening june 7th 2012

© K. Hermann

Photojournalist Ahmed Hayman 

Waleed Safi, project coordinator for DEDI (Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institut, Cairo, Egypt), main sponsor of the event


Reporting...a revolution (continued), Freies Museum Berlin

Photo exhibition “Reporting …a revolution (continued)”
Feb. 12th - 19th 2012 FREIES MUSEUM BERLIN

Press release, January 26th 2012: 
On the occasion of the international premiere of the Egyptian documentary feature
ALTHAWRA… KHABAR (Reporting…A Revolution) by Bassam
Mortada (Berlinale Special, 2012), Al-Masry Media Group is presenting a
photo exhibition with about 60 photographs by 16 young Egyptian
photographers working for the independent daily newspaper Al-Masry
Al-Youm (, Cairo, Egypt,
documenting the events in 2011 and the time
ALTHAWRA… KHABAR (Reporting…A Revolution) is a film about six
journalists from Egypt reporting from the heart of their countries
revolution. It’s an 18 days biography of a nation and six reporters.
Because the protest continues Al-Masry Al-Youm wishes to publish the
works of reporters and photographers who continued to report to the
public. The exhibition “Reporting...a revolution (continued)” presents
the work of 16 photographers and video reports of journalists who
continue to report on the revolution. Photos shot the 25th of January this
year complete and update this exhibition.
Potsdamer Str. 91, 10785 Berlin

With works by:
Amr Abd Alla, Fouad Elgarnousy, Mohamed El Garnousy, Hazem Abd El
Hamid Ahmed El Masry, Aly El Malky, Mohamed El Shamy, Hossam Fadl,
Namir Galal, Ahmed Haymen, Mohamed Hossam El Din, Mohamed Khaled,
Mohamed Maarouf, Kismet El Sayed, Tarek Wagih und Mohamed Abdel

Short videos by Al-Masry Al-Youm will be running on s screen - also available online - documenting important moments of
the revolution and events after Mubarak’s resignation.

The exhibition is curated by Katia Hermann in collaboration with Kismet El Sayed.
A catalogue will be published for this special occasion.

Pre-opening for press only: Friday, February 10th, 3pm
Opening: Saturday, February 11th, 3pm to 10pm
Talk with photographer Ahmed Haymen: Sunday, February 12th, 3pm to 5pm, followed by video screening

Fotoausstellung “Reporting…a revolution (continued)”
12.02.2012 - 19.02.2012 im FREIEN MUSEUM BERLIN

Presseinformation 26. Januar 2012:

Anlässlich der internationalen Premiere des ägyptischen Films von
Bassam Mortada ALTHAWRA…KHABAR (Reporting…A revolution) bei
den 62. Internationalen Filmfestspielen Berlin 2012 präsentiert die
Al-Masry Media Group im FREIEN MUSEUM BERLIN eine
Fotoausstellung mit eindringlichen Bildern des ägyptischen Aufstands im
Januar 2011 und der Zeit danach. Gezeigt werden ca. 60 Arbeiten von
16 jungen ägyptischen Fotoreportern, die für die unabhängige
Tageszeitung Al-Masry Al-Youm berichten. Aktuelle Bilder vom 25.
Januar 2012 spannen den Bogen zur heutigen Situation.
In dem Dokumentarfilm erzählen sechs junge Journalist/innen von den 18
entscheidenden Tagen des Aufbruchs im Herzen des Landes, von ihrer
Arbeit, ihren Erlebnissen, ihren Zweifeln, ihren Ideen.
Weil der Protest weiter geht, bringt die Al-Masry Media Group die Arbeiten
der 16 Fotoreporter nach Berlin. “Reporting...a revolution
(continued)” wird ergänzt durch Videoreportagen.
Die Ausstellung findet statt im
Potsdamer Str. 91, 10785 Berlin

Gezeigt werden Fotoarbeiten von Amr Abd Alla, Fouad Elgarnousy,
Mohamed El Garnousy, Hazem Abd El Hamid, Ahmed El Masry, Aly El
Malky, Mohamed El Shamy, Hossam Fadl, Namir Galal, Ahmed Haymen,
Mohamed Hossam El Din, Mohamed Khaled, Mohamed Maarouf, Kismet El
Sayed, Tarek Wagih und Mohamed Abdel Wahab.
Zu sehen sind Videoreportagen der unabhängigen Zeitung Al-Masry Al-
Youm, die einschneidende Momente der Revolution und den Sturz
Mubaraks dokumentieren. Online auch auf der Seite

Die Ausstellung wurde kuratiert von Katia Hermann in Zusammenarbeit
mit Kismet El Sayed. Für diese Ausstellung wird ein Katalog erscheinen.

Vorbesichtigung für Presse: Freitag, 10.2.2012, 15h00
Eröffnung der Ausstellung: Samstag, 11.02.2012, 15h00 – 22h00
Gespräch mit dem Fotografen Ahmed Haymen: Sonntag, 12.02.2012,
15h00 – 17h00, im Anschluss Special screening.


LINK french ITV with Ahmed Hayman:

VIDEO (ITV & sequences of the documentary):

photographs © Katia Hermann

ITV with Kismet El Sayed, producer